Premium sausage brand Heck has broken ground on a “state of the art” new factory in Ripon, North Yorkshire, as it eyes further expansion.

Co-founder Andrew Keeble said the facility, which cost “a couple of million pounds” would be completed by mid-February, and would “future proof” the company as it sought to ramp up production.

“This new site will allow us room to expand and to focus on really great added-value products,” said Keeble.

This week also sees the brand’s beefburger and chicken Italia burger hit shelves of 500 Tesco stores at a special price of £2 each for the next three and a half weeks.

The range of burgers will also boast new packaging designed to promote Heck’s Yorkshire provenance.

“Whilst it’s not ideal to launch a new range of burgers during the autumn, there are some key dates coming up in Halloween and Bonfire night, so we’re hoping they do well.”

Heck also has plans to launch a range of meatballs in the new year, as it seeks to diversify the brand away from its core sausage line.