The daytime TV ad ban hit sugary kids cereals hard. Now they are aiming for the sweet spot with healthier offerings. Will they hit it?

Tony the tiger hasn’t been feeling too grrrreat of late. Neither has Coco the monkey. And the fact no one even remembers Captain Ric – you know, from the Ricicles ads – says it all. Ofcom’s 2007 ban on advertising high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) food and drink on kids television was a big blow for a whole host of kids cereals that generations have grown up with. And their various cartoon brand ambassadors, of course.

But no one was hit harder than Kellogg’s. Last week the giant stepped up its response, unveiling three more Ofcom-compliant kids cereals – Honey Pops, Coco Pops Croc Prints and Strawberry Rice Krispies Multigrain Shapes –and reformulating a fourth (Honey Loops).

So, will Kellogg’s new Ofcom compliant kids cereals help it regain the upper hand from own label? And with Kellogg’s also announcing plans this week to reformulate its Special K, is this a case of a sleeping giant of the category finally awaking?