Wine prices are soaring. Now the industry is trying to add value by launching even pricier, posh wine. Will drinkers swallow it?

It’s not just sour grapes. Anyone attempting to earn a living by selling wine in the UK has every right to feel aggrieved after the Budget.

While the government appears to have abandoned its plans for minimum unit pricing and George Osborne binned the duty escalator for beer, there was no such reprieve for wine – and duty is just one of myriad challenges the category has had to contend with over the past year.

Our essential special feature explores the industry’s new push on premium wines and what this means for cheaper plonk; canvasses expert opinion on how supermarkets are reacting to changes in consumer behaviour; tots up the numbers on wine’s bestsellers and biggest advertisers; and scrutinises the state of sparkling wines – does the category still have fizz?

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