Even Kermit has an opinion. “Absolutely,” said the frog, when asked his thoughts on whether the UK should stay together. Meanwhile David Bowie sent Kate Moss on stage at the Brits to urge Scotland to “stay with us” and Simon Cowell urged everyone to remain “one big happy family”.

On the other hand, Sean Connery told the New Statesman “the opportunity of independence is too good to miss”. And Scotland’s first minister Alex Salmond has quoted OECD figures that show an independent Scotland would be the 14th-richest country in the world - with the UK at 18. “What would you say to living in one of the world’s wealthiest nations?” asks Salmond’s poster campaign.

The prospect of independence poses huge questions for Scotland. But how would its food and drink industry fare?

Our special report canvasses expert opinion and harnesses exclusive data; examines the state of play in the Scottish food & drink industry today; assesses the impact of independence on supply chains and local sourcing; pits a figure from the ‘No’ camp versus one from the ‘Yes’ camp; and looks at the rise of Scottish gin.

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