You are being watched. Whatever you tweet, whatever you ‘like’ on Facebook, whatever you look at on your smartphone, it’s all being monitored and recorded - and not just by shady government agencies.

Brands and retailers are using all that information to get to know you, perfectly legitimately, in order to sell to you more effectively. For instance, if someone ‘likes’ Coca-Cola on Facebook, Coca-Cola knows that particular person is ripe to be hit with a campaign for a new product or promo. Equally, a retailer such as Tesco knows it can lure that customer into a store if it sends them some half-price vouchers for Coca-Cola.

Our report on the biggest fmcg advertisers in the UK harnesses exclusive data and expert insight; crunches the numbers on the industry; lists the 100 biggest fmcg spenders and the 50 biggest retail spenders; looks at the revolution in personalised advertising; and studies how TV is fighting back against the web.

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