Source: Nestlé

Nestlé introduced the NPD, made with just four ingredients, in April last year

Nestlé is ditching its The Simple One non-HFSS Shreddies after just one year on the market, The Grocer has learned.

Nestlé introduced the NPD, which was made with just four ingredients – wholegrain wheat, fruit purée, date syrup and salt – in April last year.

At the time, the FMCG giant heralded it as representing a “new innovative approach to NPD in which we are not just reducing negative nutrients, but starting with less”.

However The Grocer can reveal Nestlé has called time on the healthy cereal. At the time of writing it had already disappeared from the big four online, although it was still listed on Waitrose’s website.

A Nestlé spokeswoman told The Grocer while it had axed the cereal, there would “still be some stock available in a couple of retailers over the next few months”. 

It comes as cereal brands have spent the past year scrabbling to get their ranges in shape ahead of the coming clampdown on HFSS products. 

As well as launching non-HFSS NPD like The Simple One and a new Vanilla O’s line for Cheerios, Nestlé has been steadily slashing sugar and salt from its brands.

Kellogg’s, too, has launched non-HFSS NPD and reformulated a range of products. Yet Kellogg’s has been a vocal critic of the incoming rules, warning last month they could cost £113m in lost sales.

Kellogg’s has gone as far as mounting a legal challenge to the HFSS clampdown on the grounds it should be deemed ‘ultra vires’ - or ‘beyond the powers’ - because powers given to local authorities to enfore the rules by fining stores in breach had not been approved by parliament.

It also argued cereals should be exempt from any restrictions becase they are consumed with milk, which adds to their nutritional value.

However its challenge was rejected by the High Court this month.

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