bowl of cornflakes

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Several cereal SKUs – including Free From Cornflakes 300g – have been out of stock in Tesco since April

Tesco shoppers with food allergies are being forced to fork out for branded breakfast cereals, as supply issues hammer availability of the retailer’s own-label free-from range.

Research by The Grocer using Assosia data revealed every 300g and 350g breakfast cereal SKU in the range was out of stock at the time of writing [12 w/e 5 July 2023].

In fact, the only available SKU in the range was Gluten-Free Syrup Porridge Pot 55g [12 w/e 5 July 2023].

Certain lines – including Cornflakes 300g, Rice Snaps 300g and Honey Hoops 300g – have been absent from the retailer since April, the data revealed.

The Grocer understands the cereals have not been delisted by Tesco, but that the retailer is facing temporary supply issues affecting these products.

However, it comes as Tesco is planning a major range review across its entire fresh and packaged goods lineup under a new reset programme called Fit for Growth, as reported by The Grocer earlier this year.

The move has been billed as the biggest since the Project Reset cull under former CEO Dave Lewis, which began in 2015.