Chicago Town advert still

Chicago Town’s £2m push broke earlier this month

Takeaway pizza supplier Domino’s has complained to advertising watchdogs about the latest Chicago Town TV ad.

It has written to Chicago Town and the ASA over claims made in the £2m push, which broke this month and pitches Chicago Town Takeaway as consumers’ preferred choice over Domino’s. The ad features the strapline ‘Voted No.1 versus Domino’s’.

The claim in the ad was made following a survey of 170 consumers, and Domino’s is calling for clarification that the methodology used was fair and unbiased, and compared like-for-like.

“We have asked Chicago Town to substantiate the claims they have made,” said Domino’s CEO Simon Wallis. Dr Oetker-owned Chicago Town has made such claims before.

Chicago Town confirmed it was answering Domino’s questions about the campaign. “Chicago Town Takeaway pizzas were compared in an independent blind taste test against the market leaders,” said Dr Oetker. “We are proud of and are presenting the findings of this research.”

The ASA said it had received a complaint from Domino’s that the ‘Voted No.1 vs Domino’s’ claim was “misleading and unsubstantiated”, but had not yet decided whether it would investigate.