Producer: Joseph Heler Cheese
Region: Cheshire
Created: 2005

What’s your story? “Our heritage began with Cheshire cheese and it was our ambition to extend this family of products into the blue category,” says managing director Mike Heler (below). “Our Cheshire cheese recipe has been passed down four generations of the Heler family, and the cheese is now made by a small team of expert cheesemakers in our traditional dairy.”

Why is your cheese a regional gem? “Our recipe combines the fresh lactic notes of Cheshire cheese with a rich creamy texture. It’s a new take on one of Britain’s oldest and most famous cheeses, from a world-renowned cheesemaker and cheesemaking region.”

The Grocer says: This cheese really took us by surprise. We thought combining Cheshire cheese with a blue was brave but weren’t sure it would deliver on taste. In fact, it’s a match made in heaven - smooth, creamy and just tangy enough. Blue Cheshire went out of fashion in the 1990s, and we’re pleased to see Heler is determined to put it back on the nation’s cheeseboard.