Pouring Coca Cola

Coca Cola has applied to Ofwat for a water and sewerage licence

Coca-Cola is applying to become an official water supplier to 10 of its manufacturing, warehouse and office sites across England.

The multinational has submitted an application to Ofwat for a water and sewerage retail licence in a bid to become “the first manufacturer to take the innovative path of self-supply”.

Through the move, Coca-Cola European Partners is hoping to ramp up its efforts in water conservation.

By supplying its own facilities, the company says it will be able to directly manage the supply, volume and quality of water used in its operations, ensuring it is “sourced responsibly and used efficiently”.

Becoming a supplier will also give Coca-Cola an opportunity to shape the development of the English water market, and it hopes to drive a “greater understanding of water stewardship”.

“Water is a hugely important ingredient in all our drinks and we have long had a commitment to manage this precious resource carefully,” said Nick Brown, head of sustainability at Coca-Cola European Partners, Great Britain.

“The deregulation of the water industry in the UK is an exciting development and opens up opportunities for us to work with the most innovative water suppliers, those who share our passion for managing water supply and treatment in the most sustainable way.”