Coca-Cola is investing heavily in its Continental mineral water brands, increasing speculation the company is planning a return to the fixture in the UK a year after the Dasani disaster.
The Grocer has learned the company has increased its production facilities for its two-year-old Aquabona mineral water brand in Spain from three springs to five, as well as changing the name from Bonaqua and launching a major summer ad campaign.
Last summer, it was revealed the company was working on a secret project to find a mineral or spring water reserve to provide the basis for a new UK brand. It is likely to avoid treated water after the Dasani ‘tap water’ débâcle and instead go down the mineral water route.
A spokeswoman said: “We voluntarily withdrew Dasani from sale in Great Britain in 2004, however we remain excited about the opportunities in the water market in GB and are fully committed to building our current portfolio.”
The company still owns Malvern mineral water.