The prices of many key fish species remain on a downward trend year on year.

Mackerel is down 15.9% as catches have returned to more normal levels following poor catches last year, and plaice prices are down 26% year on year thanks to increases to EU fishing quotas. Plaice prices have, however, moved upon a month-on-month basis.

Good supply is also weighing on farmed salmon prices, which have fallen by nearly 20% over the past year following unusually high prices and tight supplies in 2013.

Meanwhile, tuna prices have benefited from good fishing and high stock levels - the price of skipjack tuna is currently nearly 50% below the prices seen a year ago, while the price of yellowfin tuna is down by nearly 20% year on year. However, prices for both have edged up over the past month as fishing has slowed across all major tuna fisheries and stock levels at canneries have fallen.

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