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Orange production in Spain has returned to normal levels this year, following a poor crop last season. However, the total output for 2016/17 is expected to be revised lower due to cold and wet weather in December and January, leading to increased year-on-year prices, with a backdrop of weaker GBP.

Increased supplies of tomatoes from Southern Europe and lower demand have led to a drop in month-on-month prices, despite a high year-on-year price. Similarly, iceberg lettuce prices fell over 50% month on month due to improved supplies from Spain, after frost sparked supply shortages earlier in the year.

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Low production of potatoes in the UK and Europe have led to an increase in potato prices. Production in 2016/17 is estimated at 4.6 million tonnes, down 5% year on year.

Banana prices have risen due to the weaker GBP and adverse weather in Colombia and Costa Rica. However, demand usually increases early in the year.

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