Spar trading chief blasts suppliers' poor service Companies supplying Spar's south west wholesaler Appleby Westward have come in for a roasting from trading director Nigel Taylor for their poor service levels. Speaking at the Spar Wessex Guild's convention in Dublin, Taylor described the overall service levels from its top 10 suppliers as poor and said these directly affected the livelihoods of Spar retailers in the south and west. "Earlier in the year, our top 10 suppliers were delivering a service level of 82%, which I find unbelievable," he said. "I am frustrated and angry when a supplier says he can't deliver to Cornwall on a particular day. Cornwall is as much a part of the UK as anywhere. "I am fed up with lorries arriving with the wrong goods," he told suppliers. "If you are having logistical problems, come and discuss them. It is the account manager's responsibility, and if he can't sort out specific issues, then someone should be put on the account who can." Taylor said the situation had recently improved, but largely through the company's own efforts. Service levels from suppliers of soft drinks and confectionery in particular were still below those of last year. "It remains my priority to improve supplier performance of both proprietary and Spar brands in conjunction with central office," he said. Chief operating officer Ian Connell said the company planned to be serving 427 Spar stores by 2006, an increase of 33%. This would generate a retail turnover of more than £400m, with a wholesale turnover for Appleby Westward of over £200m. "Growth will come in our new Spar Express formats, where independent garages seek a retail solution, and with the business we are developing with our strategic operators and with the NAAFI," he said. {{NEWS }}