A new frozen convenience sushi from Sea Products International is to go on sale at Sainsbury and Makro this month. The frozen sushi is manufactured and quick frozen in Iceland. Local fresh products and Japanese recipes and processes are used in the manufacture. The frozen sushi can be eaten after defrosting at room temperature for two to three hours. The Ocean Pearl's Sushi selection (rsp £8.99) contains 24 bitesize portions of traditional Japanese sushi. The variants are smoked salmon, cooked tiger prawn, cooked cod water prawn nigiri (topped with rice), omelette and minced prawn chumaki (rolls), and surimi and tuna hosomaki (rolled in seaweed). Sea Products International (part of Fisher Foods) is marketing the sushi as a low fat icebreaking starter or elegant party piece. Narihito Matsunaga, Japanese product consultant, said: "Getting sushi just right is a difficult process. "High quality is all down to the freshness of the fish and the texture of the rice used. "By freezing the sushi in Iceland in a unique process, we are able to produce a product unmatched in the market for quality and freshness." {{P&P }}