Australia’s olive oil producers are launching an assault on the UK with two brands going into major multiples this month.

Cobram Estate has secured a listing for its Murray Valley Blend in 550 Tesco stores.

And fellow Aussie brand N’joi
has successfully negotiated a deal with Sainsbury to stock its ‘red’ variety in the chain’s Special Selection range.

Both are rolling out to stores this month and will command a premium to European offerings. Cobram’s product carries an rsp of £4.99 for a 375ml bottle, while N’joi has a £7.99 price tag for 500ml. Tim Smith, director of Hertfordshire-based importer Mudgee Valley, which is handling the UK distribution of Murray Valley Blend, said: “We are very excited to be bringing Cobram’s prize-winning oil to the UK. Consumers will be able to experience the uniquely fresh and fruity taste of fresh Australian olive oil.”

A spokesman for rival importer Belazu, which is distributing N’joi, added: “The oil should be of interest to European consumers because the flavour profile is quite different. It is common to smell and taste apples, banana, herbs and vegetables in fresh Australian extra virgin olive oil.

“Also, they are produced counter-seasonally to northern hemisphere oils.”
Simon Mowbray