Morrisons and Asda sit at numbers one and two respectively and have drawn further ahead of the field, standing eight percentage points ahead of Safeway at number three.
Tesco slips just one place, now standing in fourth position. Sainsbury and Somerfield remain the same as last week, at five and six respectively, with less than one percentage point between them. Although Morrisons remains strong on alcoholic drinks, the household category is also quite dominant in store.
There is very little change in terms of positioning in the category chart this week - the only movement being soft drinks moving up to number two, forcing household into third place. Alcoholic drinks at number one has increased its lead dramatically and stands more than 12 percentage points clear of the field.
The category is dominated by price promotions but there are also a number of multibuy offers most particularly on beers and lagers.
The impact of Christmas is beginning to be felt with an increase in seasonal confectionery items strategically placed in store, which has improved the positioning of the confectionery category, although it still remains outside the top five.
In the brand chart Nestlé is losing ground but still retains the top spot. The only other brand to remain in the same place is Grolsch at number five. Heinz and Cadbury's both move up the chart while Kellogg's and Birds Eye drop to positions seven and eight respectively. There are four new entries - Huggies, Coca-Cola, McVitie's and Carling.
In the own label chart household remains in the top spot. Alcoholic drinks and chilled are new entries.