If you read The Star, love Pop Idol and drive a Mazda, then chances are you’re an Asda shopper. But if you love going to the theatre, read The Times and cook with fresh ingredients you are likely to be a Waitrose fan.
Exclusive research for The Grocer of 5,000 people by lifestyle data provider Wegener DM identifies characteristics of shoppers who do their main grocery shop at each chain. However, personalities can be complex and their choice of store may not be obvious.
Waitrose is 63% more likely than average to attract the thoughtful, making it easy to build up a customer profile. For Sainsbury, the task is harder as it attracts young risk-takers as much as it does the puritanical, mature and traditional.
Tesco attracts a higher-than-average share of conventional as well as thoughtful and aspirational shoppers. “Tesco has made a positive of the fact it appeals to a wide group of people but to Sainsbury it has been a problem,” said David Anthony, MD of Consumer Insights Ltd and a consultant to Wegener.
He added that Waitrose and Sainsbury shoppers were more likely to be interested in quality of life, personal development and new foods while Tesco shoppers, and some of Morrisons’, care about their image and are influenced by advertising of fads and fashions.
Asda’s key customers make sure everyone else is doing something before they do. They like routine and like to take the same route in a supermarket.
The supermarket with the biggest challenge was Morrisons, he said. “It needs to be careful with the people who are used to shopping in Safeway as they are not quite like the people walking into a Morrisons,” says Anthony.
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