Sir; Over the last decade Asda has released its EPoS or Named Account Data to its suppliers. However in view of its withdrawal of this data, it will leave many companies such as ourselves in the dark. Our company has built our trading relationship around this data, not only allowing us to monitor how our products are performing, but more importantly how our competitors are doing. With the introduction of Retail Link to the UK, Asda has selected category captains who have access to the total category information, while key suppliers and other suppliers only have access to their own lines. Is this not punishing the smaller suppliers like ourselves, who have supported Asda during the early days, and who, say Asda, are "so important to them". Surely this segregation of top and bottom is anti competitive behaviour? Name and address supplied Eugene Gallagher, head of market research and pricing, Asda, responds: The data we're now able to offer suppliers has been much enhanced over the last 12 months and has come in for much praise. All suppliers, large or small, now have free access to Retail Link enabling them to see the performance of their own products 24 hours a day. No other UK retailer gives suppliers this level of detailed information. Of course, in the past, many small suppliers haven't purchased Named Account Data (which in any event was less detailed about their own products), so this free service is a significant improvement. Category Captains do have full access to all relevant category sales data ­ that enables them to work in close partnership with Asda to develop the full range of products to customers rather than their own individual lines ­ and all suppliers benefit from this. {{LETTERS }}