The investigation into the E.coli outbreak in Scotland is now focused on a single Morrisons store in Renfrewshire. The Outbreak Control Team initially investigated two Morrisons in Paisley as the potential source of the E.coli scare that has claimed one life and poisoned eight other people. However, all nine cases have now been linked with the Falside Road store, and the Lonend store has been eliminated from the inquiry. "We believe cold cooked meats from Morrisons' Falside Road branch are still the most likely vehicle," said Dr Syed Ahmed, chairman of the Outbreak Control Team. It has emerged that Falside Road was pulled up for contraventions of food hygiene procedures in its two most recent inspections by environmental health officers. The latest investigation in May highlighted "some poor food handling practices" throughout the store, and the apparent lack of a method for recording temperatures of incoming frozen and chilled deliveries. In October 2005, the deli counter at the heart of the E.coli investigation was found to have dirty equipment and cheese two months past its best-before date. Meanwhile, there is still no decision as to when Morrisons will reinstate its new television advertising campaign, which revolves around the quality and freshness of its products. Morrisons said it would continue to work closely with the authorities, but added: "As the Control Team has confirmed, there is still no conclusive evidence to link Falside Road to the outbreak."