Glendale Foods has restarted production following a fire at its factory last week.

It resumed production of meat products on site this week, while assembly of its snack products is being handled between a co-packing arrangement and a new Glendale production line set up in another factory.

Smaller products that cannot be manufactured off-site or co-packed may have to be dropped, chairman John Mortimer said, but this would have little effect on the company or its customers, he claimed.

Glendale’s cold store was not damaged in the fire, and it has enough stock to carry it through the disruption with a maximum of two or three days of delays for customers.

“We have secured continuity of product at no compromise to customers and we are on our way back,” Mortimer said.

The cause of the fire, which destroyed the middle section of Glendale’s Salford factory, is not yet known.