Major initiatives unveiled at Nisa’s conference
Nisa is to drive more loyalty and discipline among its retail members with the launch of what it calls New Era trading terms in January - just one of a number of major initiatives unveiled at the Nisa annual conference in Monte Carlo.
New Era will allow all Nisa retailers to benefit from an additional 1.5% quarterly rebate in return for meeting a number of strict criteria. Retailers must, for instance, have earned all existing rebates; promotions must not exceed 60% of order volumes; and they must support the Nisa promotional leaflet.
Nisa-Today’s bosses said that the initiative represented a huge investment, but driving loyalty among members was vital.
John Sharpe, md of central distribution services, told the conference: “This is the only way we can secure the increased supplier investment we need to continue to grow our business.”
The new trading terms are also significant in that they will help the group grow volumes through its existing members.
Recruitment continues to boost the group’s performance - with 161 new members signed up in the past year.
Nisa’s co-branding project,
where its name and that of its larger retail members sit on the store fascia, is also gathering pace. Neil Turton, MD of commercial services, said Coopers had gone live in the south west and 28 members were now interested.
As well as raising the profile of the Nisa brand, the initiative also rewards the loyalty of retailers by locking them into new trading agreements.
Meanwhile, Nisa is helping retailers get sharper on their pricing with an IT solution that will allow them to choose the most relevant retail prices file for their business from a choice of three - dubbed convenience, supermarket and price check. The three-tier pricing idea is aimed at making life easier for retailers - by cutting down the amount of manual changes they have to make. Equally important is the fact that the price position chosen will be reflected in the retailer’s promotional leaflets supplied by Nisa.
Turton said all the initiatives were part and parcel of efforts to join the back-end buying and distribution side of its business to the front end - its retailing. “We must convince consumers that Nisa stores are a great place to shop and persuade retailers that Nisa is the right place to be as entrepreneurs,” he said.
Julian Hunt, Monte Carlo