As an end-of-year review, Assosia have collated the Promotrack data from 2006 - 1 January to 11 December - to report the most active categories, brands and retailers.

The top five branded categories for 2006 were grocery, alcohol, health, beauty & baby and frozen with 21%, 18%, 10% and 9% respectively. Household and soft drinks shared 5th place with an 8% share.

The top ten brands across all categories with the most activity for the year were Nestlé in first place with 20%; Cadbury in second place with 16%; Birds Eye in third place with 11%; and Heinz in fourth place with 9%.

Coca-Cola, Walkers, Mars and McVitie's shared fifth place with an 8% share each; Princes took sixth place with 7%; and Müller came in seventh with 6%.

Morrisons and Sainsbury's have been vying for the top retailer spot and Sainsbury's has taken the lead in recent weeks.

However, the full-year results for branded offers show Morrisons with 29%, Sainsbury's with 28% and Asda with 19%. Somerfield and Tesco were both on 12%. Own-label offers show a different story from branded activity. The top five promoted own-label categories were chilled at 34%, frozen and grocery with 10%, bakery with 9 % and produce with 8%. While chilled has clearly dominated own-label activity, it's great to see fresh produce in the top five overall.

This increase has been primarily because of Tesco, which has actively promoted this category for the past few months.

For total retailer own-label activity Sainsbury's recorded a significant lead with 41%. Tesco had 24%, Morrisons had 18% and Asda and Somerfield 13% and 5% respectively.

It has been an interesting 12 months for promotional mechanics. X-for-y took the lead from bogof. But, in consumer interviews conducted by Assosia for one category at the end of November with 867 responses, 22% of respondents chose bogof as their preferred mechanic. X-for-y only accounted for 9%.