As the chain opens more supercentres, it will be able to increase its ranges of larger packs, bedding and even kennels. Asda claims a 27% share of the own label catfood market which it says is higher than other own labels. Asda sales rose 12% over Christmas fuelled by pet owners buying multipacks, snacks and treats. " We had a 24-pack of Butcher's which people bought into because they didn't want to run out over Christmas," says Robinson. And we had special Hero and Tiger Christmas packs, and stockings too for the first time." Robinson says that the bulk of the petfood business is moving towards multipacks which offer better value. "We saw more branded multipacks last year and we think there will be a lot more." "There has also been a move from wet to dry food. Iams was launched offering more nutrition and a higher price point, and we wondered how well customers would buy into the concept. But people have switched from buying it at specialist stores to Asda." Single serve has proved a winner for the chain with its own label pouches ­ Tiger for cats and Hero for dogs ­ doing well, as have functional products such as low fat. Forty per cent of dogs are overweight, but few owners realise this, says Robinson, and at Asda you can check a pet's weight in store. New for 2002 is Wagg's dog gravy Delishus and hairballs for cats. Asda is also planning to have pet weeks every quarter, with the first starting on March 11.Vets will be on hand in stores to advise customers about petcare. And a pet telephone line is being trialled at Havant. A roll-out is planned for some of its bigger stores later in the year. Pets will also be covered in the Asda magazine for the first time.