Poundland is aiming to grab a bigger share of the growing food-to-go market as it prepares to roll out a range of £1 sandwiches to 150 of its stores. A range of eight sandwiches, trialled at three stores for about a year, is currently being extended to a further 19 stores.

“The trial has been going very well and I think it will eventually be rolled out to 150 stores – all the ones big enough to have the chillers,” said Poundland CEO Jim McCarthy. “Focus groups have been telling us that the quality is absolutely excellent. It has been bringing in additional and new customers. Subject to a large-scale test at 25 stores, we hope customers will buy it in volume and it becomes a regular feature of the Poundland proposition.”

Poundland is to open at least 30 new stores over the next year, each of which would also sell sandwiches. A pick’n’mix deal of any four items of confectionery, soft drinks or crisps for £1 is being marketed alongside the sandwiches as offering a £2 meal deal. McCarthy, formerly MD of Sainsbury's convenience stores, has been moving Poundland further in the direction of grocery and convenience since he joined the company in 2006.

Last year he added 60 grocery lines to its range bringing the total number of grocery SKUs to 450. Over the past year Poundland has installed chillers across its store estate to enable it to sell cold drinks, including milk.