Gaelle Walker

The gap between Asda and Tesco's total basket prices has remained achingly wide this week.

At £46.50 the cost of our 33 items at Tesco came to a whopping £3.17 more expensive than at Asda, a fact which is keeping Tesco locked firmly in fourth place on The Grocer 33's pricing tables.

At £5.97 the retail price of a 75cl bottle of Jacob's Creek Chardonnay at Tesco is higher than at any other retailer on our list, and costs £1.97 more than the same bottle at Asda. Tesco is also presenting a slightly more elevated price ticket than Asda for its Kellogg's Variety packs and own label beef steak mince.

Meanwhile, Morrisons is enjoying its second consecutive week as the UK's second cheapest supermarket, according to The Grocer 33.

The retailer appears to have been ramping up its promotional activity of late, and our mystery shopper spotted a vast amount of money off deals and bogof offers as she made her way around the chain's Killingworth branch in Newcastle.

At £1 it was also sporting the cheapest price of all the retailers for a bag of frozen Birds Eye chicken dippers.

The cost of our shopping at Sainsbury's came to £45.88 this week - 64p more expensive than the same basket at Morrisons.

Sainsbury's is sporting marginally higher prices than it's nearest rival for virtually all of the fresh fruit and vegetables on this week's list, as well as a number of its standard own label products such as houmous and quiche lorraine.

Meanwhile, Somerfield and Waitrose appear to be embroiled in a lively skirmish to be named the fifth cheapest supermarket.

The results of our latest survey show that Waitrose's three-week stint as The Grocer 33's fifth cheapest supermarket has come to an end following an aggressive bout of price-cutting at Somerfield. The retailer slashed the cost of a number of KVI's on our shopping list, helping it to reclaim the spot this week.

At £49.60, Waitrose's 33-item basket rang in at 98p more expensive than Somerfield's at £48.62.