Sainsbury continues at the top of the chart for the second consecutive week, although its lead is down from three percentage points to less than one, with Asda moving ever closer in second place.
Alcoholic drinks continues to be a strong area in Sainsbury and in Asda where multiple gondola ends are devoted mainly to price promotions. Safeway moves up two places to number three with no one particular category dominating in store, athough price promotions and buy one get one free offers are the most prevalent type of promotion.
In the category chart alcoholic drinks remains in the number one spot and has stormed ahead to forge a lead of 18 percentage points. The closest rival to alcoholic drinks is frozen, which moves three places to number two, and is very closely followed by soft drinks which continues in third place.
There is just one new entry in the chart and that is health and beauty which comes in at number four.
There are three alcoholic drinks brands in the chart this week which clearly support the success of the category.
Stella Artois comes straight in as a new entry at number one while Baileys jumps up the chart by eight places to number two.
Smirnoff comes in as a new entry at number eight and is accompanied by three non-alcoholic drinks brands entering the charts at numbers five, six and seven. They are Birds Eye, Heinz and Golden Wonder respectively.
In the own label category chart frozen, cakes and biscuits and household all move up by one place to form the top three, forcing soft drinks down into fourth place.
Alcoholic drinks is the sole new entry slipping in at number five.