Tesco is launching a new range of ready meals in new hi-tech clear packaging so that the contents are clearly visible to customers.

‘Serves One’, which hits stores on September 1, is packaged in freezable, printed polypropylene exclusive to Tesco and is a first for food packaging, according to Tesco head of design Jeremy Lindley.

“Research has shown that consumers respond very positively to being able to see the ingredients just as they would if they were preparing the meal themselves.” The 16-strong range, which contains larger than average portions, is designed to be eaten in the packaging it comes in for added convenience, said packaging designer Pemberton and Whitefoord.

Products include Thai green curry, beef stroganof and macaroni cheese.

Tesco product development manager Seaneen O’Neil said the range had been developed to cater for the growing number of single person households in the UK. The launch price will be two for £5.