Tesco has been named the official World Cup supermarket of the England football team, becoming the only supermarket able to display the Football Association’s official England crest.

Football paraphernalia will go into stores on St George’s Day (23 April).

Tesco expects to sell 300,000 televisions as people upgrade their sets for the tournament, as well as 800,000 flags, half a million footballs and 250,000 St George flag pizzas.

Clubcard promotions with fellow World Cup sponsors Coca Cola, Mars and Walkers will enter customers in a competition to win prizes including match tickets and home entertainment systems.

Match Attax trading cards went on sale yesterday. They will be promoted heavily with a major advertising campaign and sold at every checkout.

While other stores stock the cards, Tesco packs contain an extra card of an international football legend. The retailer expects to sell eight million packs of the cards.

Tesco also said it expects footfall in its Express stores increase by 30% a few hours ahead of England matches and will up its staffing levels for big games.

“Should it all go wrong and England bow out early, our stores are in a position to change supporting England materials quickly to a World Cup party theme – but obviously I am hopeful we will stay in the tournament until the very end,” said retail director David Potts.

Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland stores will have a World Cup party theme throughout the tournament rather than focusing activity on the England team.

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