Barclays has run into trouble with Tesco, which has threatened to throw out the bank's cash point machines if it goes ahead with a £1 charge for non-account holders. It announced it was inviting tenders from Nationwide for the contract at all 646 stores. Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Safeway all attacked Barclays late last year when it announced it intended to set a charge for non account holders. But the bank backed down, pending discussions with other Link members and following opposition from Nationwide. The multiples have said they will review the situation after the Link vote on February 29. But independent chains are more tolerant of the bank charges. Costcutter said it had no plans to advise its members to seek a non levy service. Mace chief executive Mike Bowen said: "We are a hole in the wall society and whether there is a £1 charge or not, people will still use them." {{NEWS }}