Tesco is heralding its voucher collection scheme for kids’ sports equipment a success after more than 40,000 schools and clubs signed up to Tesco Sport.
The eight-week scheme, which came to a close last month, led to more than 335 million vouchers being issued - enough for 20 million skipping ropes or for every registered school and club to receive a football strip and an 88-piece sports day equipment pack. Its initial target was for 35,000 organisations to sign up.
However, a final decision on the future of the giveaway - which operated in a similar way to Sainsbury’s Active Kids initiative with one voucher issued for every £10 spent - is not guaranteed. “The final decision hasn’t been made about the future of the scheme yet,” said a spokeswoman. “But from the number of vouchers given out, it seems as if the scheme has been very popular.”
Tesco marketing director Tim Mason said he was delighted by its success. “Schools and clubs everywhere are enthusing all segments of the community - even those who don’t have children or belong to a sports club are collecting vouchers.”
While Sainsbury’s Active Kids attracted 25,000 schools, Tesco opened up its scheme to include clubs, increasing the reach.