Blisteringly hot weekend brings boost to bangers as the barbecue comes out 

A sizzling hot weekend meant a rush on sausages for the barbie this week. Sainsbury at Marsh Mills, Plymouth, had run out of them, while the only Asda ones on offer were Great British Bangers complete with Union Jack priced at 40p more than normal. There were also specials on sausages such as 20p off at Morrisons, Netherfield, and 50% extra free at Safeway, Cramlington. 

Somerfield, Caldicot, was prepared for any kind of weather having both fans and brollies at the checkout. This store had one of only three out of stocks in total this week ­- own label baked beans. Sainsbury had the others -­ the sausages in the south west and frozen chicken at Hamilton, Glasgow.

Store makeovers created congestion this week. Sainsbury, Plymouth, had staff "directing traffic" during store alterations, while shoppers at Asda, Havant, were squeezed between the aisles because of a major refurbishment which would eventually double the store's size. 

Amid the Euro 2000 promotions most stores were awash with, there were specials such as Morrisons £1/kg off cheese. This store checked in the cheapest basket at £38.40 -­ 18p less than Tesco at Prestwich.