A gourmet phenomenon has taken off in Moscow over the past few years with a variety of food boutiques springing up in the Russian capital. Probably the most diverse new food operation is the aptly named Globus Gourmet, which offers its consumers 24-hour sales of a range of delicacies from all over the world.

Globus Gourmet was established by the Arkady Novikov Group, and the restaurant tycoon supplies it with organic produce from his greenhouse complex Agronom. There are two outlets at present but the group aims for 12—15 in Moscow by the end of 2008. Managing company is Stolichnaya Torgovaya Kompania (STK).

This retailing concept, described by one judge as an "ultra-premium concept store in Moscow, catering for Russia's growing urban elite" is on the list this year for its enticing fresh counters, particularly the patisserie and the sushi areas. "The expensive fit-out of the store clearly appeals to the affluent customer base," was one comment.

The stores sell unique products such as Italian raspberry-flavoured balsamic vinegar or glass jars of cooking sea salt from Portugal. A sushi stand, fresh juice counter and cheese display sit nearby.

Location: Moscow

Established: 2005

No. of stores: 2

Fact: Novikov has brought Fauchon to Russia