Who we visited

Sainsbury's Local The Brecks, Rotherham

Welcome Lenzie, Glasgow

spar Starbeck Avenue, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Tesco express Elm Park, Bristol

BP Shop Dorking, Surrey

How they performed

None of our shoppers managed to get a full basket this week, with a 6-pack of unsmoked bacon proving impossible to find.

Our Spar shopper said the store was clean and tidy although a bit on the small side. A delivery had arrived just as he started his shop, so the store was full of packages of items waiting to be put on shelves. Staff were helpful and eager to please but the store was not well-merchandised.

Our shopper at the Co-operative Group's Welcome store said it was clean and tidy, with friendly staff. He said there was a good number of promotions on view and the displays were attractive. The aisles were clear of shelf-stackers and the checkout assistant greeted our shopper.

Sainsbury's Local had a good range of offers including 2-for-£2.60 on regional cheeses. The shop was tidy and well-presented with aisles completely clear of packing trolleys. Staff were helpful and polite and greeted our shopper as she paid for her items. She said that the store was well-merchandised so it was easy to find items on her list.

Our shopper at Tesco Express said the store was clean and tidy but items on shelves were not attractively displayed. The aisles were cluttered with packing trolleys but she had no problem finding items. There were no staff on the shop floor other than checkout assistants at the tills.

BP Shop did not impress our shopper, who said the store was small with narrow aisles, giving it a cramped look. He felt it looked dingy and needed brightening up. However, staff were polite and greeted him when he paid for his items.