Who we visited

Tesco Express High Wycombe, Bucks

Welcome Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire

Sainsbury's local Cobham, Surrey

Londis Skipton Road, Harrogate

Spar Little Common, East Sussex

How they performed

Midlands Co-operative Society's Welcome store impressed our shopper with a high number of promotions and offers, which included three-for-two on Heinz Baked Beanz and two-for-£2.35 on 2-litre bottles of Coca-Cola. She said availability was excellent and the checkout assistant automatically packed her bags for her.

Tesco Express provided everything on our list except a 6-pack of unsmoked bacon. It only stocked 8-packs. The store was clean and tidy as well as being free of packing trolleys, which pleased our shopper. She was impressed with the high levels of customer service.

Our shopper at Londis was also pleased with the service she received. She said that the store was clean with attractive, well thought out displays. The aisles were free of packing trolleys but she could not complete her shop because the store was sold out of Tetley tea bags.

The Spar store we visited did not sell 6-packs of unsmoked bacon, only stocking smoked bacon. It had no Tetley teabags in stock and was sold out of the cheapest branded white loaf.

However, despite not being able to complete a full shop, our shopper said staff were helpful and polite and the aisles were clear of packing trolleys and shelf-stackers.

Our shopper at Sainsbury's Local said staff were friendly and polite when greeting her. She said the store was welcoming and the layout was well thought-out, with good merchandising to help her navigate her way around the aisles.

Staff were helpful when asked about products and she was pleased with her trip.