>>own-label Olive oil performs well at co-operative group... truffle oil is the most popular of harrods’ specialist range...

category marketing manager, grocery edibles, The Co-operative Group
Olive oil - which is the key growth sector within oils - is up in value in the market, with the Co-op’s value sales up 9.1%.
Own-label rates of sale for extra virgin olive oil are particularly strong in the total Co-op, reflecting the fact that more people seem to be trading up to extra virgin from standard olive oil and are purchasing larger pack sizes. It’s this factor that has helped drive the total Co-op’s strong value performance.
The key sellers in the Co-op, in terms of volume rate of sale, are still Co-op Pure Sunflower Oil one-litre and Co-op Pure Vegetable Oil one-litre, which are helping to drive the total volume within oils.
oils buyer, Harrods
Buying and selecting oils is as fashionable as selecting wine, so oils with unusual flavours and infusions are proving very popular.
Seed and nut oils are coming to the fore - macadamia nut is very desirable and truffle oil is the most popular flavoured oil. Its use is only limited by your imagination. Infused oils are growing too.
As we hold a comprehensive range, the challenge is imparting knowledge to consumers. Trained sales associates are the best option but producers are also including product descriptions.
In-store demos are successful, since customers can learn about the product, taste the oils and find out how to use them.
Helen Eaton
Rui de Sousa