Waitrose is to convert 34 more stores to a second generation Quick Check system and put the facility in seven new stores between April and December 2003.
The new radio frequency controlled version of Quick Check called Storewave is already live at 14 stores.
To date 76,000 account card holders have registered to use the self-scanning facility, which is available at 48 larger Waitrose stores.
It enables customers to scan their shopping as they go round the store, removing the need for checkout staff to carry out scanning at the till.
A Waitrose spokesman said new mobile scanner racks would go into store, and old lightsaver' handsets were being phased out.
He said: "We are converting to radio frequency on Quick Check, which is more flexible, faster and more efficient, and removes the need to use data cables to connect Quick Check racks to servers."
He said the new mobile Quick Check racks could be placed at various sites such as store entrances without being plumbed in, and even in store car parks and lift lobbies.
The new Quick Check scanners have also been upgraded to provide better functionality. Customers will be able to scroll through the contents of their shopping trolleys as they go round the store.
And Quick Check can also be used by staff as a "queue buster", he said. They can use the handsets to scan a customer's shopping and take them through a Quick Check till if queues build up at standard tills.

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