Name: Pavan Singh Sull
Store: Sulls Convenience Store and Post Office
Location: Normanton, West Yorkshire
Main suppliers: Booker cash and carry and Hancocks

How often do you get new lines in? If there’s a new product launched we always aim to stock it as soon as it becomes available. And if a rep comes in and recommends a line we don’t currently stock we will always try it.

What new products have you started stocking recently? We have listed several new products, mainly seasonal ones, including a full range of Easter eggs from budget to luxury Thorntons. We have also added Seven Tenths wines, which is a Booker own-label range that’s doing very well, and car products including window wipe fluid and car shampoo.

What products are selling well at the moment? Our petfood category is seeing a steady increase in sales, especially multipack tins of cat and dog food. One product that stands out is the Euro Shopper tins of dog food, price marked at £1.

Is anything selling slowly at the moment? Cigarette sales have dropped by about 25% compared with the previous three months, I believe partly down to people’s new year resolutions. People are also shifting to cheaper brands, which in turn is affecting sales figures. Another major factor is possibly more tobacco being sold ‘under the counter’.

Have you delisted anything recently? We have delisted Walkers Salt & Vinegar crisps 34.5g and we have completely delisted its range of grab bags.

Are there any new products you’ve got your eye on? We are looking at installing a coffee machine and at the possibility of developing a food-to-go service.

The infinite variety of high street retail?