The top ten branded activity chart shows Nestlé in first place with 23% of total promotional featured space activity, McVitie's second with 14%, Cadbury and Kellogg's sharing third with 11% and Weetabix taking fifth with 9%. The other brands that made it into the top ten overall activity chart were Birds Eye, Coca-Cola, Dettol, Müller and Whiskas.

Nestlé's offers were available in all five retailers and across six different categories. There was most activity in the confectionery category with a range of products including Quality Street, KitKat and multipacks. Preferred mechanics were

x for y, with 59% of its offers using this; save with 27%; extra free with 10%; and bogof with 4%.

McVitie's had offers in four of the five retailers, in the biscuits/cakes and crisps/snacks categories. The

primary display type was gondola end, with 73% of its products placed there. Ladder racks accounted for the remaining 27%.

Cadbury products, including Dairy Milk, Roses, Mini Eggs and drinking chocolate, were available using x for y, save and extra free. Display types included gondola end, ladder rack, bin/cage/crate, FSDU and pallet. While the preferred display was gondola end, the manufacturer took advantage of other prime locations in store to promote its products.

Kellogg's cereal brands were on featured space promotion in Morrisons, Somerfield and Sainsbury's. Gondola ends and ladder racks were used, with preferred mechanics being save, followed by x for y and extra free. Products on offer include Weetaflakes, Ready Brek and the newly launched Seriously Oaty.

Poultry, specifically fresh

chicken breast fillets, continued to be on offer in featured space locations in Asda, Sainsbury's and

Morrisons, despite the recent avian flu outbreak. Bernard Matthews Deli products, including Wafer Thin Turkey Ham and Sage & Onion Turkey Breast were available in Sainsbury's and Tesco with bogof and extra free offers.