Mondelez is to give Cadbury Roses a makeover as part of a £3m investment in the 78-year-old confectionery brand.

From the end of this month, both the Hazel in Caramel and Coffee Escape chocolates will sport a revised design with smoother contours meant to improve mouthfeel - and all items in each assortment will wear a ‘flow wrap’ designed to retain freshness and ensure they do not accidentally become unwrapped in the box, bag or tub. The first flow-wraps were introduced in 2015, but the rollout has now been extended to all chocolates within the packs.

“We’re committed to increasing consumers’ enjoyment of our delicious chocolates, which can also be impacted by how they feel in your mouth,” said Dave Shepherd, head of innovation at Cadbury. “Holding the chocolate in your mouth and letting it melt slightly before you bite will allow for maximum flavour and the moment of enjoyment will last even longer.

“That’s why we’ve opted for this new design, as the more rounded and smoother shape fits better to the contours of your mouth, creating a better melt in the mouth experience,” he added.

Roses’ packaging is also set for an overhaul, but the new design is yet to be finalised and will not be seen on the shelf until later this year, said Cadbury, which is making the changes as part of a wider £75m investment in manufacturing at its home in Bournville.

Marketing manager Claire Low said: “It’s time for Cadbury Roses to take its much deserved time in the spotlight and to develop an updated offering that is even more gift-worthy than ever.”

A number of activations for the brand are expected throughout the rest of this year.