Distributor The Stateside Candy Co UK is bringing leading US sugar-free confectionery brand Russell Stover to the UK.

Stateside Candy Co will offer more than 20 varieties of sugar-free sweets and chocolate, including peanut butter cups and pecan delights. They will initially be available in an 85g-102g peg bag (rsp: £2.50), with other formats to roll out later.

Russell Stover was previously imported by Empire Food Brokers, but has not been available in the UK for a number of years.

“Our launch of Russell Stover comes at a time of unprecedented concern about the health dangers of sugar in the diet,” said Al Barker, director at Stateside Candy Co, which also distributes brands including Herr’s Chips and Bone Suckin’ Sauce.

“The market for sugar-free sweets in the UK is underdeveloped, compared with many other European countries and has great potential for growth,” he added.

Russell Stover was acquired by Lindt for an undisclosed sum in July this year, a deal that made Lindt the US’s third-largest chocolate supplier, behind Hershey and Mars.