Willie's Cacao

Confectionery brand Willie’s Cacao has launched three chocolate bars alongside a brand redesign for its Single Estate Gold range.

The new variants, available in Selfridges and various independents, are Los Llanos Gold Colombian dark chocolate (rsp: £2.99/80g), Milk of the Stars Indonesian Surabaya milk chocolate (rsp: £1.90/50g), and Raspberries & Cream Venezuelan white chocolate (rsp: £1.90/50g).

As part of the redesign of the Single Estate Gold line-up, the brand has moved from brown to black packaging “to reflect the intensity of flavour and bold personality of Willie’s Cacao”. The new look will be rolled out this month to Waitrose, Ocado and independents (rsp: £2.99/80g).

“Just as a wine’s flavour reflects its terroir, so the same is true of cacao,” said the brand’s founder and chocolatier, Willie Harcourt-Cooze. “The subtle amends to our packaging reflect customers’ increasing understanding of the unique flavour profiles of different fine cacaos.

“The design invites consumers to discover those highly individual flavours and select a chocolate that suits their preference or simply the mood and moment,” he added.