- Pork pies were consumed on 225 million occasions last year, 1% fewer than during the year before
- Two thirds of pork pies are consumed by over-45s
- Enjoyment is a key driver of pork pie consumption

Young women fancy a pork pie as an indulgence

Pork pie consumption is biased toward males and older consumers. Adult men eat 53% of all pork pies, while the over-45s eat two out of every three.

Although overall pork pie consumption patterns have shown little change, there has been some fluctuation within consumer groups.

Decreases have been recorded among children aged 6-16, adults aged over-65 and males aged 25-44. The cuts by children and older consumers could reflect the influence of healthy eating trends.

Having said that, females aged 17-44, whom you might expect to be health-conscious, are increasing their pork pie intake, although they still eat fewer than men. It could be that they are treating pork pies as an indulgence.The indulgent nature of pork pies is the biggest influence on consumption, and 57% of them are eaten for enjoyment. There is also a higher intake at the weekend, when enjoyment is a more important driver.

MLC marketing director Richard Lowe says: "There has been sales growth in smaller pork pies for lunchboxes. Pork pies have also benefited from a wider range of retail distribution points for on-the-move eating away from home.

"MLC research suggests that there are new product development opportunities in developing flavoured pork pie ranges in line with demand for more adventurous twists on traditional foods."

Drummond Richards, TNS