When fresh tomatoes are eaten

  • In the last year there were 2.7 billion occasions of fresh tomato consumption in the home

  • That represents a 1.5% decrease on last year

  • 2% of all fresh tomatoes consumed are organic

  • Adults aged 45+ are the core consumers of fresh tomatoes, accounting for 62% of occasions

  • Females aged 45+ account for 37% of all fresh tomato consumption occasions

  • Kids 0-16 and young adults 17-24 are all less likely to consume fresh tomatoes than they are other foods

  • 22% of fresh tomatoes are eaten hot, with 8% being grilled

  • Lunch and the evening meal are the key occasions for the consumption of fresh tomatoes, accounting for 76% of consumption. However, consumption at both of these occasions has declined year on year - by 4.4% and 2.4% respectively

  • 6-7pm is the key period for consumption of fresh tomatoes. Some 22% are consumed during this one-hour slot

  • With sandwich consumption increasing there may be an opportunity to encourage the use of fresh tomatoes, possibly by introducing flavoured fresh tomatoes or ready sliced

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