When melon is consumednMelon was eaten on 326 million occasions last year, an increase of 5%
n32% of melon is eaten by the over 65s
nThe evening meal is the most popular occasion for the consumption of melon
nHealth is the most important consumption driver for melonMelon popular with elderly and healthy eating youngTotal melon consumption last year was up by 5% compared with a 1.5% drop in total fruit consumption occasions.
The most important consumers are the over 65s, whose consumption is in growth. Their consumption is 60% more than their share of total food consumption.
However, the fastest growth is among the young, with consumption increasing among all consumers aged up to 24.
Melon consumption is in growth at every meal occasion, except lunch, where it fell by 13%. It has grown most rapidly at breakfast, perhaps driven by consumers seeking a healthier start to their day.
Some 36% of melons are enjoyed at the evening meal compared with just 16% of total fruit, bolstered by the fact that melons are eaten as both a starter and a dessert.
Melon’s lowest consumption occasion is the lunchbox, due to the preparation needed.
Melons are eaten evenly across the week, this being typical of an older consumer consumption pattern, which is less subject to disruption that is caused by the difference between the working week and the weekend.
Most melon - 62% - is eaten for health reasons, with 17% consumed as ‘favourite’. Both of these consumption drivers are in growth compared with last year.
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