Welcome to the future of aircare. Sense is a revolutionary concept that targets tech-savvy consumers by using an app to programme the release of different fragrances to suit their mood.

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The thing is, this product doesn’t actually exist… yet. It was dreamed up by creative agency Hornall Anderson, which was tasked by The Grocer with coming up with the next big thing in aircare – a market that has proven to be a success in recent years.

Comprised of three pods and a charging station, Sense allows users to personalise their home’s scent based on the time of day, mood and activity level. So, whether you’ve just come home from the office after a busy day of meetings, finished that 5km run on Saturday morning or are planning a day on the sofa; it has a fragrance to match your mood.

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“Sense is a completely new concept in aircare, light years from the traditional aircare market,” says Jon Dignam, design director at Hornall Anderson. “Its ground-breaking design looks to target a whole new group of consumers. With a sleek and modern pack design and architecture more akin to an item of technology Sense is unapologetically stylish, defying category norms, offering intrigue and a whole world of possibilities.”

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It works with the devices to understand your routine and reacts to them. Like a burst of citrus in the morning and lavender at night? Not a problem - Sense is on the case. Not only does Sense complement your mood, it reacts to your movements using GPS tracking. As you approach home, the Sense pods stir into action, filling your home with the right fragrance before you’ve even walked through the door.

”Sense learns your routines, habits and preferences to develop a fragrance experience designed exclusively for you,” adds Dignam. “It works with the health data in your preferred device (phone, watch, health tracker) to understand how you behave during the day, tailoring your homes fragrance to help you amp up or wind down as needed.”

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It can even be programmed to multiple devices, meaning family members can take a pod each to create their own beautifully scented environment. “Sense engages with your devices so you don’t have to,” adds Dignam. “You won’t even realise you’ve had one less thing to think about today. And that’s nothing to sniff at.”

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