Bread needs a makeover. Once thought of as a healthy and wholesome staple, it’s increasingly being consigned to the (bread) bin. So, what can be done to stop bread from falling flat? We asked design agency Sheridan&Co that question. Here’s what they came up with…

Bare Bake Bread

Bare Bake Bread is a premium, all-natural bread mix in stylish milk bottle. This DIY bread in a bottle features natural protein flours, seeds and grains along with wholesome flavours such as rosemary & sea salt and cranberry & almond. All users need to do is simply add an egg, knead and bake. 

“Bare Bake hints at the idea of a raw, naked and stripped-back concept for baking with the driving force being the bare ingredients in their natural form seen layered in a transparent branded milk bottle,” says Luisa Inwood, designer at Sheridan&Co, who came up with the concept.

“Visually this would be very eye-catching and the idea that you can see exactly what’s going into your bread would appeal to the health-conscious customer as well as offering a simple option to making bread – making baking quick and easy and going back to basics.”

Bottled pancake mix was the inspiration for Bare Bake Bread, although Inwood says they’ve updated the concept adding that existing products are packaged in a dated way as you can’t see what’s inside them. The same goes for cake mixes, she says.

But not for Bare Bake Bread. “The logo is minimal and simplistic because the ingredients are the star of the show so the logo has to balance and complement the product,” says Inwood. “You don’t even need to look at the ingredients on the back as everything is right there in front of you.”

Bare Bake Bread is aimed at those who want freshly made bread but don’t have the time to make it from scratch (particularly families), young professionals who value convenience and health as well as design-conscious consumers.

The simplicity of the concept allows for easy expansion with other flavours and baked goods and treats, such as cakes. Plus, the tongue-in-cheek name means there’s an endless stream of fun slogans such as ’get bare… baking’, ’unbottle your inner baker’, and ‘ordinary bread is toast’.

This could well be the best thing since sliced bread.

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