From the aisles of Aldi to the shelves of Sainsbury’s, it’s time to see what has captured the attention of shoppers and grocery-watchers across the world of fmcg.

Grab your shopping trolleys and roll down the digital aisles of memes, puns and politics as we unpack the crème de la crème of this week on social media

Morrisons joins Asda in price matching

@BryanRoberts72 took to X (formerly Twitter) to poke fun at Morrisons this week after it jumped on the discounter price match bandwagon, just a month after Asda became the first supermarket to price match both Aldi and Lidl.

Who will be the next big player to try and steal back its customers from the cheaper German competitors?

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The Grocer 33 shows discounters are still besting the mults on price

@gavinwren The big list you’ve all been waiting for! What is the cheapest supermarket in the UK featuring Aldi, Lidl, Asda, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Tesco and Morrisons #foodprices #foodpolicy ♬ original sound - Gavin Wren v2

Grocery TikTok influencer @gavinwren broke down The Grocer’s Super Grocer 33 from this month with an emphasis on the recent impact of loyalty pricing.

Comments for this video were largely a debate on price versus quality, with user @laura_lou7786 saying: “I’ll still stick to Tesco and get my discount. I think the quality overrides the £6 difference tbh” and user @3rescuecats writing: “I find the fruit and veg at Aldi and Lidl goes off way too quickly. I also like to get everything I need in one place, and neither are reliable for that!”

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Child labour at Morrisons?

Morrisons has launched a new initiative in some stores where kids can scan their parent’s or guardian’s shopping.

The supermarket’s community champion at the Shropshire store, Victoria Hughes, said in an interview with BBC Radio Shropshire: “It’s been very, very popular. It’s just gone mad. Kids love it.”

However many are critical in the comments, including Instagram user @theycallmerhys16: “Woo unpaid child labour what a great way to reduce overheads.” But the original poster @kerri.andherkids wrote: “I’d just like to clear up that there’s a member of staff supervising the whole time. My kids aren’t stealing shopping or jobs or doing full shifts so no child labour here. They just enjoyed having a wee shot of the till.”


Protests in support of Palestinians

@gmf_palestine Customer Announcement at Sainsbury’s “Please do not buy Israeli produce if you are opposed to the massacres in Gaza and the ethnic cleansing” #BoycottIsraeliAparthied #BDS ♬ original sound - GMF_Palestine

Activist group Greater Manchester Friends of Palestine held a protest in Sainsbury’s calling for customers to boycott Israeli goods including avocados, Sabra Houmous Extra and poultry items. 

The speaker of the group calls through a megaphone, asking consumers to vote with their wallets and read the origin label on products before buying.

The video has reached 145.5k views at time of writing, with one comment saying: “I shop at Sainsbury’s all the time and this was very helpful. Thank you for sharing.”

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Cheeky supermarkets

Instagram user @couponkiduk shared his top money-saving tips for a trip to the supermarket during a cost of living crisis, including some cheeky store placement hacks supermarkets use to get consumers to spend more per shop.

@mrsmummypennyuk commented: “Frozen always as far away as possible where a lot of cheapest produce and meat can be bought” while @vl0dka simply wrote: “Your pointing is pissing me off.”


Woolworths interview lands Aussie CEO in hot water

Making waves across the world, Brad Banducci, CEO of Australia’s biggest supermarket Woolworths, is going viral for a fiery interview about the lack of competition in the Australian grocery market.

Talking about the former head of Australia’s competition regulator, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), he attempts to discredit his rival, then recants his statement and walks out of the interview.

Days after the interview the aired and went viral on social media, Woolworths announced Banducci’s retirement after 13 years with the group. He said: “It has been a privilege to be a member of the Woolies team and one I have never taken for granted.”

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