M&S has embraced the digital future of loyalty cards, thanks to a new ”M&S Barista” app that will make paper coffee stamp cards a thing of the past.

The futuristic app will reward shoppers for their purchases and send notifications to incentivise shoppers. It is now on trial in 58 of M&S’s Hot Food on the Move counters and Cafes in Greater London.

“We are focused on providing our customers with excellent quality, value for money, and convenience,” said M&S senior marketing manager Matthew Legge. “The trial of a digital loyalty card in our Hot Food on the Move and Cafes will further help us meet those aims, whilst rewarding our customers for their loyalty.”

The new “card” will send relevant rewards to shoppers and notify customers when they can redeem a free cup of coffee. The app will also ping alerts to shoppers with only one stamp to go on their card, to encourage them to visit a store.

The app was launched in partnership with digital consumer engagement specialists Eagle Eye Solutions. Chief executive Phillip Blundell said: “Digital stamp cards are one of the simplest ways through which businesses can drive loyalty and increase visit frequency.”

“For M&S this trial will not only strengthen customer loyalty, it will also help them to stay one step ahead of competitors in the food-on-the-go market.”

This launch is the latest in M&S’s foray into digitalised, personalised shopping. The retailer has also signed up the “social treating” Givvit app, which was only launched this week. Givvit, which allows users to send gifts from different retailers through one app, will now let users buy M&S products or gifts. M&S joins Pizza Express, Cafè Nero, and Picturehouse Cinemas, which also signed up to the app this week.