All age restricted products (consumer)

Source: ACS

 It is working with the Retail of Alcohol Standards Group on the campaign 

The Association of Convenience Stores has launched a new campaign to boost use of the Challenge25 policy. 

The campaign will encourage retailers to adopt the long-running policy, which recommends asking customers who look under 25 for proof of age, on all age-restricted products.

It will also look to highlight the policy to customers earlier in their store journey with materials such as posters, shelf-edge labels and online-friendly graphics, created in collaboration with the Retail of Alcohol Standards Group (RASG).

“Local shops have a fantastic track record of preventing underage sales and promoting responsible retailing, but much of the focus on this activity is often on alcohol,” said ACS CEO James Lowman.

“Through this campaign, we’re working with retailers to highlight the importance of a robust Challenge25 policy that empowers colleagues and is consistently applied for all age-restricted products.”

Lowman also highlighted the need to support shopworkers in maintaining the policy, as checking for proof of age remains a key trigger of abuse. “We can take steps toward this by boosting the understanding and application of Challenge25 among consumers and retailers alike,” he said.

RASG chair Hardish Purewal said: “The Retail of Alcohol Standards Group (RASG) are the creators of Challenge25 and are only too pleased to help the ACS create product specific posters to raise awareness in the convenience sector.

”These types of posters have proved to be a great asset in our work to clamp down on underage sales and support retail colleagues in the operation of age verification. The new C25 posters will be available on the RASG website and will continue to be free for anyone to download.”